Tuesday, September 27, 2016

All you have to do is convince people you are an artist

I stumbled across Leah Ceriello while searching for something else. In a January 2016 interview by Callie Garp, Ceriello talked about her art:

“I consider myself to be a cross disciplinary artist. I use durational performance, performance art walks, performative sculptural experiments, text, photographs, documents and other ephemera to explore time.

“Ever since I can remember– I’ve sort of been obsessed with the difference between perceived, or lived time that humans experience, versus deep geologic time– the time of mountains, and glaciers, and deserts, and stars.

“Recently, I’ve also begun to incorporate weaving, spinning, and natural dyeing into my practice– looking at techniques and methods that are sort of specific to humans pre industrialization. I like to think of my participation in these modes of working as sort of part of an unbroken line running throughout human history. Who knows how long humans have been spinning & weaving some sort of fiber into cloth, and then dyeing it– using very simple technology. I mean, the first spindles were literally rocks. Pretty amazing– in terms of multiple levels of time operating simultaneously.”


“Ceriello explores our place as the organic up against the inorganic, the human body as a temporary earthly placeholder acted upon.”

From a piece in another edition of “fabuously feminist**:”

“On October 15, 2014, Leah Ceriello presented a thirty-minute performative work utilizing her signature medium, geologic material (this time, 100 lb. of gravel) to address existence, mortality, and other aspects of the human condition.

“Upon entering the room, the artist was in place. Dressed in black, she lay prone on the mound of gravel in the center of the room, a single spotlight above her, arms outstretched with head, hands, and feet exposed. On approach, the installation appeared as a geographic place, an aerial view, thus distinguishing itself from the rest of the space.”


** “Art for Social & Eco Justice”

Art is a woman lying on a bed of gravel. Riiight.

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