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Lambrook, Arkansas, Zip Code 72353

Race killings, disparate numbers.

Wikipedia entry: “Lambrook is an unincorporated community in Phillips County, Arkansas, United States. Lambrook is located onArkansas Highway 20 7 miles (11 km) west-northwest of Elaine. Lambrook has a post office with ZIP code 72353.”,_Arkansas

Lambrook must not be of much importance, since everything we need to know is listed in one sentence.

Could be there is more.

December 2015 estimated population, 111, down 3 from 2010 census. Unwed mothers as a percentage of all births: 0%. Unwed and on public assistance: 0%. Citizenship status: 100%.

Phillips County Arkansas is bounded on the west by the Mississippi River and a little south of center between Louisiana and Tennessee.

Less than 100 years ago, rampaging white mobs killed an alleged 237 black people in Elaine, Ark., 20.7 miles from Lambrook. Wikipedia says: “In 1919, two whites tried to break up a meeting of black sharecroppers who were trying organize a farmers' union to get better conditions of payment and accounting from white landowners of cotton plantations. After a white man was killed, hundreds of other whites poured into the area, attacking blacks.”

Five white men were killed, in addition to the 237 blacks, or 100-240 blacks, or 800.

Headlines from the Arkansas Gazette edition of 3 October 1919 included: "Negroes Plan To Kill All Whites,” “Slaughter Was To Begin With 21 Prominent Men As The First Victims,” “Blacks Had Armed Themselves and Planned to Kill Every White Person in Sight When Plot Was Exposed.”

Phillips County’s estimated 2015 population was 19,513. In 1950, 46,254 people lived in the county. The 1920 population was 44,530.
The 2010 census shows the county population 63.1% black and 35% white. Around 29% of families and 33% of the total population were below the poverty line, including 45.5% of those under 18 and 26% of those 65 or older.

Now, having given all that bad information, fairness dictates figures from another site.

The present population of Lambrook is 253. The 2010 population was 114. The 2000 population stood at 83, and was 90 in 1990. Racial demographics show 59% black and 41% white.

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