Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Yeah, it’s California …

… but stuff has a way of wandering east from the Left Coast.

“George Washington, the guy on the quarter, could soon be facing the ax in San Francisco as surely as his fabled cherry tree.

“The president of the San Francisco school board thinks it’s time to consider renaming schools that bear the names of slave owners — including Washington and his friends and fellow presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe.”

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(With that logic, every man, woman and child whose last name is Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Williams, Smith, Jones, and etc., should be required to change his/her name to one acceptable to the population at large. This can be done. We need only appoint a commission at state or federal level to search property records, make a list of all men and women who owned slaves, determine which public/government buildings carry those last names, and get rid of the racist names. The commission will publish the list, along with recommendations for new names, with a deadline for persons who have racist names to make legal changes.)

See how easy it would be?

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