Thursday, September 15, 2016

Grammar, people!

One of these days I will admit to the futility of the fight. But not today.

“Follow your heart and let your fate decide.don’t ignore what you are feeling because your not responsible for it.” – jessa lizardo

That is written as posted, with no space after the first period and incorrect capitalization.

This is so bad, I have to provide a link.

I wondered, “Who is this Jessa Lizardo, and why does she say things that don’t make sense?” Search shows many Jessa Lizardos, so I could not apply blame to a specific one.

But, why does someone with no sense of observation, let alone grammar, get paid for posting stupid stuff? The poster writes “you are,” and then busts the thing by not recognizing the need for the contracted version, “you’re.”

Here is another from Lizardo: “Its just hard to believe in your enemy.” No kidding? Let’s assume for the sake of argument, that if you believe in someone, he/she cannot be an enemy.

Oh, and the first word should be "It's."

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