Wednesday, September 7, 2016

He forgot to say, ‘This is not who we are’

“This past weekend, the city of Chicago passed it’s 500th victim from gun violence, so the mayor Rahm Emanuel decided, being a legislator, that Chicago needs more gun laws, reports Fox News;

“’It is a complex problem with multidimensional facets to it,’ Mayor Rahm Emanuel said on Friday of Chicago’s homicide rate. ‘It’s not just about more police, but it will include that. But it’s also about more resources for our children, more resources for our neighborhoods and stiffer laws that reflect the values of our city.’

“Keep in mind that Chicago has run all of the legal gun dealers out of the city, it’s nearly impossible for anyone to legally own a firearm within the city limits, but somehow, making tougher gun laws, that will solve it’s problems. After Emanuel made that statement on Friday, 69 people more were shot, six fatally. None of the suspects are legal gun owners.”

(A news report last week said Chicago police say 1,400 armed criminals commit 85% of Chicago’s gun crimes. If you can put a number on something, you can put faces on the numbers. Police know who the bad guys are. But, solving the problem is “complex” and “multidimensional.”)

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