Thursday, April 6, 2017

Hack, hack. Cough, cough

This afternoon the doctor said I have the flu. "Type A," he said. "The worst."

Well, thanks a lot, Doc. Of course if I wanted to hear only good news, I wouldn't go to a doctor.

I am weak. I fell when getting out of bed this afternoon. (I take seriously the doctor's advice -- "Get lots of bed rest.") I managed to get back to my feet. I don't remember being this weak in all of my adult life.

The doc prescribed something I am to take one of two times a day. He said it won't kill the flu, but will convince it to go away sooner.

When writing the prescription, he said, "Wow! One hundred forty-three dollars."

My wife picked up the prescription. It was $7.

Thank you, Tricare for Life.

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