Saturday, April 8, 2017


Yesterday (or whenever it was the doctor decided I have Type A flu), as my wife and I left the doctor’s office, Cylla announced: “Plague! Plague! Keep away!”

I had to get in on it, too, so I called out: “Bring out your dead!” as collectors of bodies reportedly did 600 years ago.

When awakening from my first nap yesterday, I thought, “We should put a sign on the door, saying “FLU!”

Our daughter called last to catch up on things. My wife told her of our battle with the flu. Kathleen asked: “Have you put a warning on the door?”

My wife said, “I was thinking maybe we should tape a notice. FLU! KEEP AWAY!”

Goes go prove – Great minds think likely.

Still sick. Getting that bed rest, though. The flu is at the stage of I can’t stay up, but I don’t want to lie down.

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