Saturday, April 8, 2017

Send in the Democrats!

Loveland, Okla., had a population of 13, according to official 2010 census returns. Yes, 13. IN 2000, the population was 14; estimated 2015 population was 12. In 1920, the first year of a census in Loveland, 191 people lived there. The number has been going down since.

The 2000 census returns determined 100% of the households had married couples living together. That is a good figure, percentage wise. “For every 100 females there were 133.3 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 100.0 males.”,_Oklahoma

I guess that means there are more boy kids in Loveland than there are girl kids. When the boys get older, they will have to go somewhere else and find wives. Or maybe advertise.

With all of the population in families, the median income and median family income were the same in 2000 -- $25,000. Here is a really interesting statistics somebody of a Progressive/Democratic bent might want to interfere with: The median income for men was $17,500; for women, the median income was $0.

That’s right. The women of Loveland, Okla., are not paid. Could be, they don’t have jobs. Also interesting is: None of the population lives below the official federal poverty line.

Loveland is in Tillman County. At its peak, in 1930, the county had a population of 24,390. The 2010 population was 7,992. The Depression and dust hit hard.

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