Thursday, April 27, 2017

Rudy nowhere near Notre Dame

Rudy, Ark., that is.

One of the funniest TV lines ever was delivered by Randy Hickey (Ethan Suplee) on My Name Is Earl: “This is just like when Rudy the Hobbit walked on campus the first time.”

Hobbitville is an additional “nowhere near” for Rudy, Ark.

Rudy, Ark., reached its population pinnacle in the 1960 census, with 113 residents. The 2000 official population count was 72, further demographed at 95.83% white and 4.17% native American. Twenty percent of families and 19.2% of the overall population lived below the official poverty line. Per capita for the town was $11,842.

The town was named after Eric Rudy, part-time town treasurer and historian.,_Arkansas

The official 2010 population was 61, a 15.3% drop from 2000.

Somewhat ironically, Rudy has an Earl Street. There is a Hinkley Street, too, and that’s pretty close to “Hinkey.”

Frog Bayou runs along the southwest side of town.

The Zip Code 75952 incudes Cedar Creek, Jasper, Lancaster and Oliver Springs.

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