Tuesday, April 11, 2017

More doomed than I thought

Three decades of Thought Police and Gender Police attacks on American speech has not rendered me oblivious or ignorant of grammar. I know like-minded people who shudder at the sheer ignorance or don’t-care attitude of those who see no need for distinction between "their," "there" and "they’re;" "can’t" or "cant;" "your" and "you’re." The ones who know language defines a culture continue anger at the substitution of “their” for the generic singular pronouns “he” and “his.”

My initial finding that the Thought Police were victorious occurred more than 20 years ago when in Texarkana, Texas, I saw in front of a florist shop a sign stating:

“Surprise your
“boss give them

Today on the internet were two even more egregious examples of language idiocy:

A real estate ad, saying “The owner want’s…”

A picture of a model, and a lead-in: “America’s most smartest model.”

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