Friday, July 28, 2017

Auditors were surprised because …??

Hey, it’s New Orleans! You expected something else?

“New Orleans is taking federal taxpayers for a $2 billion ride in Hurricane Katrina spending, the inspector general who oversees the Federal Emergency Management Agency said Thursday, concluding that the city is charging the government for repairs that had nothing to do with the 2005 hurricane and flooding that devastated the Gulf Coast.”

“The city claims records were destroyed during Katrina …”

Sounds like approving FEMA officials went all Louisiana, a’ la H.P. Long School of Politics.

Link at maggiesfarm.

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  1. New Orleans is the Chicago of the South. It's corrupt, crime ridden and I wouldn't live there if they paid me. This is also the same city whose mayor hates white southerners and he proved it by taking down the monuments to Confederate heroes who were trying to defend the South over a century and a half ago.