Sunday, July 16, 2017

Record label drops Texas band

Dream Machine is based in Austin. In an interview with a French webzine, band founders Matthew and Doris Melton hurt some feelings with their not-nice comments on immigration and feminism.

Castle Face dropped the band.

Said the record label: “Castle Face does not agree with the statements on ICE, immigration, feminism, and sexual assault and they are in no way representative of Castle Face or the other artists on the label.”

Okay. Band members have the right to say what they think, and the record label has the right to get all sissy-faced and fire the band. A business runs on PR almost as much as on talent, sometimes more.

And, the company has let other bands know, “You say stuff we don’t agree with, you’re gone, too.”

Here is a Dream Machine song:

Comments support the band, with questions “How can I get your stuff and not pay the record company one cent?”

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