Saturday, July 8, 2017

Grubbs Arkansas

Grubbs is Jackson County, up there in rice-growing country. Arkansas grows a lot of rice, 49 percent of the nation’s total, says Arkansas rice farms average more than 7,300 pounds per acre. Think about that many one-pound bags of rice, grown on an acre of land. That is a lot of bags.

The land around Grubbs is good for rice farming – flat, easily flooded and with plenty of water from Arkansas’ rivers. Here is a satellite image:,-91.0604641,2844m/data=!3m1!1e3

Grubbs is a small town. I’ve never heard of a town called Grubbs that had a big population. In 2015, Grubbs’ zip code population was estimated at 465, an increase of 64 over the 2010 census. Grubbs’ male/female ratio is 271/194. A better ratio would have those numbers reversed. Almost 95 percent of Grubbs’ residents are white. Almost 12 percent of families and more than 15 percent of the population overall lives below the official federal poverty level. The town’s highest population was 546 in 1980.

Here is a link to a floor plan for the Frisco Lines 1920 railroad station in Grubbs:

The plans show a “Negro W. Rm” and a “White W. Rm.”

Here is a link to a video made by an ass named Grubbs from Illinois:

Here is another video, “The 10 Worst Cities in Arkansas Explained,” by Nick Johnson, an asshole who judging by his comments, voted for Her. Johnson has another video called “The 10 Most Redneck Cities in Arkansas Explained.” I think Nick Johnson is a smartass who likes telling other people how dumb they are.

Nick Johnson has nothing to do with the small town of Grubbs, it's just that I ran across links to his dumbass videos while searching for things about Grubbs.

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