Sunday, July 2, 2017

Biggers and Peach Orchard Arkansas

Biggers and Peach Orchard are not too far apart, although to get from one to the other you would have to backtrack to Pocahontas and then take U.S. Highway 62 or Arkansas Highways 304 and 90, depending on whether you started from Biggers or Peach Orchard.

Or, you could take the shorter route, on foot or horseback, through the woods and over the Black River. Here is a satellite image, which gives an idea of the distance and terrain involved:,-90.7164016,22582m/data=!3m1!1e3

Biggers is in Randolph County; Peach Orchard is part of Clay County. The latest census data at Wikipedia shows Biggers’ 2000 population at 355, while Peach Orchard’s 2010 population was 135. Biggers is 95.5% white; Peach Orchard’s population is about 97.5% white. Not unusual for that part of Arkansas.

In Biggers, 17.3% of the total population and 13.5% of families live below the poverty line. In Peach Orchard, things are not quite as good, financially, with 24.5% of families and 18.3% of the total population below the Federal Government’s official poverty line.

Biggers’ largest population was 466 in 1930. Peach Orchard had 484 residents in 1920.

The Encyclopedia of Arkansas says the area of Peach Orchard was explored and, to a very limited extent, settled by French before the 1903 Louisiana Purchase. The town was incorporated in 1910.

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