Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Don't mess with Texas women

A couple of days ago, the wife of a friend back in Texas put her groceries in her car and then got in. She was about to start the car when a young man tapped on her window. She said his mouth was moving, but she couldn’t understand him. She rolled down the window and said, “I didn’t understand what you said.” The young man said, “I said give me your purse, bitch.” The friend’s wife reached into the door pocket and brought out her pistol, which she then positioned near the young man’s nose. She said, “You best get your punk white a$$ away from me before I blow your head off.” She said the young man stood stock still for a couple of seconds – Long enough for her to see he was peeing in his jeans. And then he was gone, in his car and leaving rubber in about two and a half seconds. The message, she said, is: Don’t mess with older Texas women. They will blow you away.

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