Monday, July 24, 2017

‘Rivalries’ led to South Carolina shootings

Po-leece note “concerns with the school system … security at the ballgames and whether or not to play Stanly County in football and things like that.”

Things like that included drug dealings and “teenagers involved” in shootings.

Right. Everybody knows teenagers involved in football rivalries often shoot up people’s homes.

Oh, and police also mention a chapter of the United Blood Nation as well as the Money Chasin Gang.

United Blood Nation sounds like some neo-Nazi right-wing survivalist domestic terrorist organization. Here are the names of the suspects in the shootings: Derias J’Shawn Little, Tyron Elijah Daquan Steele, Raekwon Tariq Graham, Jarvez Datwan Graham, Keshawn Datavis Steele and Jimmy Jaquavis Parker.

I would say those are names rarely found among neo-Nazi, and etc., organizations, but to say that would mean I am racist.

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  1. It's obvious these meatballs weren't Nazis, however they're just as evil.