Wednesday, July 5, 2017

There are fireworks, and then there are deadly fireworks

Two men robbed a fireworks stand of $600* in Tulsa County Oklahoma. The rightful owner of the money got into a shootout with the robbers. The robbers jumped in a pickup and took off.

“As the robbers tried to get away, the stand owner's son jumped into the bed of the pickup and continued firing, before the owner got out.

“A passenger was shot in the chest. A woman later found the body in the truck.

“Investigators believe he was one of two suspects. They identified him as 15-year-old Jake Ulrich.”

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A couple of things: The link writer at the TV station needs to read a story before writing the link. Story says body found in “truck”; link says “trunk.”

Second thing: 15 years old? That boy had a double dose of stupid. Robbing an established business is dumb in the first place, but robbing a business in Tulsa County Oklahoma? Note to potential robbers in Oklahoma: Somebody in the story is carrying a gun.

* Written story says $600; broadcast story says $600 in fireworks.

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