Saturday, February 22, 2014

Killing the children, legally

“Late last year, Belgium's Upper House voted 50-17 for legalizing child-killing. Last week, the Chamber of Representatives voted 86-44 to legalize, making the bill law contingent upon the signature of Belgium's King Philippe, a largely ceremonial gesture that will not impede the law's implementation. While there was some opposition to the bill, it was weak at best. Belgian public opinion has been largely supportive.

“In this regard, perhaps the most telling piece of information emerging from the legalization was the general consternation among the Belgian public and media about the international backlash to the whole idea of doctors killing children after they have asked to die and have been aided and abetted in their march to death by their parents' consent for the killing.

“So there you have it -- children in Belgium now have the ‘right’ to ask for their own deaths, and doctors are now legally sanctioned to kill children under the guise of helping to alleviate their suffering. ‘Humane"\’ killing medicine, if you will.”

(Forty-something years ago when abortion opponents said legalizing abortion would lead to legal killing of the elderly and of children not wanted or “damaged,” I, as a good liberal, said “Nonsense.” I was wrong, as I have been horribly mistaken about all other things liberal.

(Ironic, that the defenders of “women’s rights” and originators of “Children are our future” are the ones who justify the killings.)

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