Saturday, February 22, 2014

Thank you, John Petray, Arkansas Attorney General’s office

Mr. Petray handled the complaints Priscilla and I filed against 65 so-called “non-profit” groups that used lies and intimidation to get Mrs. R.’s Social Security and Teacher Retirement money.

Mr. Petray went through the 75 complaint forms and sent notices to the organizations and persons who hide behind non-profit status while sending money to politicians or spending money on salaries and additional money-raising schemes.

Most of the replies to Mr. Petray were of the “We haven’t done anything wrong, and we won’t do it again” variety, but a few went beyond that, saying Priscilla and I sought to deny their First Amendment right to free speech. One Washington law firm representing four organizations used the argument that since clients did not offer anything for sale, the clients had not broken any consumer laws.

Regardless of denials of wrong-doing, the groups no longer send letters demanding money.

In a two-year period, the thieving bastards convinced Mrs. R. to empty a checking account of more than $23,000. Mail from the thieves ran from 15 to 45 letters a day for more than eight months.

We realize the U.S. Postal System will now suffer a loss of 16 cents for each letter no longer stuffed into the mailbox, but, hey, justice always has a price.

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