Wednesday, February 26, 2014

So easy even a child … SERVICE ERROR

On Monday I took my 2005 F150 in for service – oil change, filters, check all fluids, tire check and rotation, windshield wiper replacement.

On one page of the bill was a note to access to check rebates. The service clerk said I would get $20 by filling our a rebate form.

Form-s, he should have said. As in 22 screens of information.

OK, so I’ll have to work a little for the $20.

“User friendly” does not apply to the Ford owner rebate site. Finding what I needed required a two-screen search and then entering another search field.

Page 3. Dealer ZIP code or name. Not a problem. Page 4 had the dealer’s name and a query as to whether the information I entered was correct. Yes.

Page 5. Service error, please try again. Or, call this number and talk to a person.

I have an idea a person will not be available within a minute of my call.

I’ll wait until later and try the web site again.

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