Sunday, February 23, 2014

Larry Klayman is just plain nuts

Klayman is one of the last holdouts in not answering the Arkansas Attorney General’s office on complaints lodged by Priscilla and me on behalf of Mrs. R.

On Friday one of Klayman’s ridiculous letters arrived in the mail, with Klayman claiming President Obama intends to prohibit state-to-state travel through issuance of a national identification card. Jail time, Klayman said, is automatic for anyone who refuses to obtain national ID or who refuses to show national ID to a requesting law officer.

Klayman uses eight pages (both sides) in his attack. Any argument that requires 16 single-spaced pages to defend is an argument not worth defending.

Also, on Page 2 of the letter, Klayman writes: “I’m sure you have heard of me as my name is all over the news right now …”

Well, Larry, I hadn’t heard of you.

Time is running out for American freedom, Klayman says, because “Obama’s national identification card is IN THE WORKS NOW and is due to be released in some states THIS MONTH.”

I’ll wait and see.

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  1. OMG, and of course Hillary is about to come for y'alls guns, any second now, fer shure, 'cause every dam one o those preedicshuns warning us about the evil obama came true absolutely, don't we all remember? Good thing I prepped already, and got my Koe-ran copy translated into Chinese. I'll be ready when the dam Liars tell us DT lost the elecshun.