Friday, June 3, 2016

1st Infantry Division loses its cajones

“The Army Times reports that special operations icon, retired Lieutenant General William Boykin was disinvited from a breakfast at Fort Riley, Kansas during the 1st Infantry Division’s ‘Victory Week’ celebration because perpetual whiner, Mikey Weinstein doesn’t like the general. It seems that Boykin is a Bible-thumping Christian, which should earn him protection from the actions of the mis-named Military Religious Freedom Foundation, Weinstein’s group of hand-wringing Godless heathens.”

The division will reschedule the breakfast, but the general will not be invited.

“However, citing Fort Riley's ‘diverse community,’ (MSG Mike) Lavigne said 1st ID ‘will pursue the invitation of a different speaker for the prayer breakfast once it is rescheduled.’"

“Weinstein's group, which claims more than 41,500 clients, recently succeeded in efforts to remove Bibles from several ‘missing man table’ displays, designed to honor prisoners of war and troops missing in action, that are located on military and Veterans Affairs Department property. Boykin, in a piece at the FRC Action website, called one VA official's decision to remove the Bible ‘disgraceful’ and showed ‘a poor knowledge of the Constitution.’"

(This Ain’t Hell has Weinstein’s press release proclaiming yet another victory. My breakfast is where it should be, and I see no reason to make it disgorge.)

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