Thursday, June 30, 2016

Greens vs. Reds

Vegan restaurant owner claims attacks by meat eaters in Tbilisi.

“Proprietors at an embattled vegan restaurant, the Kiwi Café, say they feel compelled to close doors at the establishment’s current location following a May 29 incident, in which alleged nationalists stormed the restaurant and peppered patrons with sliced meat. The suspected assailants are regulars at a war-themed bar.”

Not surprisingly, the writer, Giorgi Lomsadze, takes the side of the Vegans, or boys who “wear flower-print pants.”

The Vegan place is the Kiwi Café; the “war-themed bar” is the “Military Bar, where meat, beer and nationalism are revered …”

The Kiwi owner says he will have to “move to a larger place somewhere.”

Wait, wait. Business has been bad because of attacks from the war-themed bar, but Kiwi needs a larger building?

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