Friday, June 3, 2016

Remember when Schwarzenegger brought fascism to California?

You don’t? Camille Paglia does, and that’s why we should elect Bernie Sanders for president.

“I am still amazed at the election of Arnold Schwarzenegger to governor—a man who has never held political office and who participated in only one serious debate. It is a disturbing sign in any nation when politics have become so inefficient and corrupt that the people turn to an outsider as ‘strong man’ for leadership. This is how fascism is born. Because it is Schwarzenegger’s machismo—represented on a superhuman scale in his films—that California voters want to attack the entrenched special interests in Sacramento, his behavior toward women was irrelevant. Or rather, his behavior actually reinforced his virile image as a forceful personality who pushes through barriers.”

Who is Camille Paglia? Wikipedia says she is “an academic and social critic.” I’ve known academics who occasionally drifted into social criticism when not doing academic things – teaching. But to make a living at being both, one must have friends in Established places.

Anyway, the point of that being at Ricochet is that as with a number of other Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy sites, Ricochet has become angrily anti-Trump. For years, those organizations – Red State, Never Yet Melted, Flopping Aces, Hot Air – railed and rent garments and poured ashes in anti-Clinton 1 and Obama and We need a Conservative Republican to Save the Republic. Or, when donning a patriot, non-party demeanor, a True Conservative, and the Republican Party is closer to True Conservatism than those other guys.

But now … Now those organizations don’t run the Party, and they don’t know what to do.

This guy Trump … He says he’s a Republican, but he’s not one of us! He doesn’t listen to us! Doesn’t he realize we are the Party?

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