Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Shout out to Malahoo Forte!!

Jamaican attorney general says U.S. embassy “disrespectful” in flying homosexual rainbow flag.

"I strongly condemn #OrlandoNightClubShooting but find it disrespectful of Jamaica's laws to have #RainbowFlag flown here. #MyPersonalView."

The U.S. embassy got its nickers tangled: "We're listening. Explain the legal reasoning? It was an attack of terror !!and!! hate, targeting the LGBT community".

Homosexuality activity is against the law in Jamaica. Chances are, the U.S. embassy believes every man, woman and child in the world is supposed to see homosexuality as normal, in spite of facts to the contrary.

Normal people, of whom Ms. Forte is, are supposed to just shut up and go about our daily business. The queering of the U.S. is not our concern.

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