Friday, June 3, 2016


With internet and cable, we got a landline phone. That means telemarketers. I got tired of just letting the call run out its 10 rings and tired of getting mad at real people and madder at recorded sales pitches, especially the ones that are made as though a real person is conversing.

"Hey, this is Fred with customer service! How are you today?"

ME: Which customer service.

FRED: That's great! I'm calling from Walt Disney Tours ...

Now I say : "Thank you for calling the Red Pony this glorious afternoon. How may I be of assistance?"

What I have learned: A -- By saying that, I do not get angry. B -- The telemarketing aspect is not engaged unless you say "Hello?" or "Hola?" or some such.

So far I have said that to one (1) real, live human-type person, and she started her spiel about delivering a religious tract as though I had said nothing. Hey, lady. You're interested in where I will spend Eternity, but you don't listen to what I said?

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