Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The government needs to look at Datto, Arkansas, Zip Code 72424

Datto is in Clay County, which touches Missouri with its northern and eastern boundaries.

The 2010 census counted 100 people in Datto, an increase of three from the previous census.

Datto demographics are completely out of synch with the rest of the United States, racially and economically.

Datto is 100% white. No families and 8% of the total population is below the Federal poverty line. Again, no families. Also, no one under age 18 lives below the poverty line. However, 41.2% of citizens older than 64 are making do below the poverty line.

For every 100 women over age 18, there were 105.4 men. Where or what that 40% man was, reports do not say.

IN 1930, Datto had 275 people. The Great Depression took its toll on quite a few small towns, and by 1940 the population was 198.

More on Datto here:

Datto is an interesting kind of place because it is so out there, yet for a time was a place people moved to.

A Coldwell-Banker site says 57% of Datto residents are married, and 10% are families with children. says 81.7% of residents are married.

Some figures you have to wonder about, how accurate the government is.

One day in Arkansas, a woman came into the Girls Scout office to register her daughter. She told my wife the girl was 8 years old. She said, “We don’t have a birth certificate. And don’t even think about asking for a Social Security number.”

(I just accessed an Arkansas state government site, which said it had information on Datto, but I figured it was just an automatic listing, like for every town and city and county in the state. I was right; there was no information on Datto. The site did request that I allow to track my physical location. On that kind of thing, I’m with the “And don’t even think about asking …” mother.)

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