Sunday, October 21, 2012

All's fair in ... whatever

‘Assad regime uses women to seduce international observers’

“KC correspondent in Syria reports:

“Anwar Malek, a former Arab League observer in Syria, said in an interview to TV station Safa:

"’Assad regime uses women to seduce observers. In a hotel in Homs, where the observers are staying, we are faced with the girls at every turn, and they are all "victims of terrorists’.

“’As you open a door, they are in front of you. An Iraqi observer had to marry in a temporary marriage to one of the “victims of terror”, as the rooms have surveillance cameras, and then it will affect the work of the observers. Girls at night are quite busy with other things’".

(Whether Mohammad mentioned it, I don't remember from reading the Koran, but "temporary marriage" is recognized in much of Muslim culture. Prostitution is illegal. Seduction as part of intelligence and national security ... It happens.)

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