Saturday, October 27, 2012

More Texans forgetting where they live

San Antonio school district issues micro-chip IDs to students, insists students wear the things while at school.

“Some students … say they have been barred from certain school-related events because they refused to wear the cards, and have even been bounced from common areas like the library and cafeteria.”

It’s only one school district, right?

No, it’s the camel’s nose.

“If the school district deems the pilot program successful, the forced microchip-wearing scheme could be implemented at over 100 schools, affecting almost 100,000 students.”

A long time ago, say around 1820, Americans started moving to the northeastern part of the Mexican province of Coahuila, south of the Red River and north of the Nueces. Over time, more and more Americans emigrated and, as did other Mexican provinces, revolted against the central government. Thus was born the Republic of Texas.

People went to Texas for a couple of reasons: to make something in the vacant land, and to be as far from government as they could. It’s that last part that Texas bureaucrats don’t remember and certainly do not understand.

Many Texans fought and died to keep the government off people’s back. Maybe it’s time bureaucrats re-remembered that.

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