Friday, October 26, 2012

The president would not look him in the eye

Ty Woods’ father:

“Apparently even the State Department had a live stream and was aware of their calls for help. My son wasn’t even there. He was at a safe house about a mile away. He got the distress call; he heard them crying for help; that’s why he and Glen risked their lives to go that extra mile just to take care of the situation. And I’m sure that wasn’t the only one received that distress call—you know, come save our lives … I’m sure that other people in the military, in the State Department, in the White House, received that same call that he would receive. And I’m sure that most military people would jump at the chance … to protect that life [and] not leave anyone behind.” – Charles Woods.

“Glen Doherty is the other SEAL who died that evening. He also has a foundation set-up in his honor.”

“By all accounts he was a great man and the deeds they eventually died performing will be legend when the truth finally outs. True American patriots living life large in their own way.”

(My comments: The NYT link should have been free of politics, but the Obama newspaper had to get in a platitude from the president: President Obama said of Mr. Doherty: “He believed that his life he could make a difference, a calling that he fulfilled as a Navy SEAL…in Benghazi, as he tended to others, he laid down his life, loyal as always, protecting his friends.” Doherty was in another part of Benghazi when hearing about the attack. He went to the sound of the guns.)

“This link is only one of many over on SOFREP. Well worth the listen.”

Ty Woods Memorial Account (c/o The Irving Group, 4320 La Jolla Village Drive, San Diego, CA 92122.)

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