Thursday, October 25, 2012

Arrest the traitors’ children!

“On August 17, 1944, Claus von Stauffenberg's four children and his brother Berthold's two were taken from their home and put on a train. Their destination was Bad Sachsa, a Nazi children's home near Nordhausen, set amid the Harz Mountains of central Germany. Here they were separated according to their age and gender and housed in chalets. Over the next few weeks the children of other conspirators joined them. Berthold was held in a chalet with around nine other boys roughly his age. Their confinement was not stringent. Although the home's director, Fraulein Kohler, was a strict and authoritarian Nazi who proudly sported her party badge, her deputy, Fraulein Verch, and the other staff treated the children of the ‘traitors’ kindly. Unlike many other Germans in the closing days of the war, they were fed well, albeit sparsely, with a secular Nazi ‘grace’ before meals replacing the religious prayers of their family.”

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