Sunday, October 14, 2012

In England, free speech will cost the speaker

I know nothing about Azhar Ahmed but these: He lives in England; in March he posted on his Facebook page his hopes that British soldiers in Afghanistan would “burn in hell;” and last Wednesday a judge sentenced him to 240 hours community service and assessed a £300 fine for stating his opinion.

Ahmed might be a nice guy. He might be a total ass. I don’t know.

But I do know no one should be fined and forced into “community service” for stating an opinion, no matter how heinous.

Link from maggiestarm and

And in the other land of free speech:

“A federal judge has given the green light to the U.S. Justice Department's prosecution of an Indiana man who allegedly posted incendiary remarks about police.”

The judge said: “Certain categories of speech having little or no social value are not protected, and threats are one such category....”

(“Certain categories” of speech? Those that have little or no social value?”)

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