Thursday, October 18, 2012

I'll stay normal, even though the decision means I am now fascist homophobe. Or something.

In The Forever War, William Mandella and Marygay Potter return to an Earth in which everyone is homosexual.

The Australian government has given $250,000 to a program that teaches “sexual diversity.”

“Sexual diversity” says that “gender and sexuality are not fixed but fluid concepts. In Victoria, each participating school is advised to erect a noticeboard specifically for gay, lesbian, transgender and ‘gender-questioning’ young people. …

“A Proud Schools consultation report also recommended that schools review existing [Personal Development, Health, and Physical Education] programs from Year 7 to “incorporate learning about same-sex attraction and sexual diversity.”

‘Being straight no longer normal, students taught’

(If all things are normal and equal, why should laws stop consensual sex between teachers and students? Aren’t physical attraction and emotional appeal normal between some teachers and some students?

(Another thing: "Proud" has become a code word for "queer," as in "homosexual." PC directs no longer saying "queer" or "homosexual," unless one is. Then it's OK. Not a double standard or anything."

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