Sunday, October 14, 2012

Georgian corporal killed in Afghanistan

Georgian corporal Mindaia Abashidze perished in Afghanistan while carrying out a combat mission in process of a peacemaking operation.

Abashidze became already the eighteenth Georgian serviceman who perished during the Georgian contingent's participation in ISAF operation under the aegis of NATO in Afghanistan.

Press Service of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia reported that commander of firing group of infantry battalion No 32 of the third brigade Mindaia Abashidze perished in the province of Gilmand where the Georgian military served under the US contingent command.

The lost corporal had served in infantry brigade No 3 for four years, "Georgia Online" reports.

Meanwhile, on October, 8, Irakly Alasania nominated for the post of Minister of Defense of Georgia by coalition the "Georgian Dream" declared that Georgia would not withdraw its troops from Afghanistan till the end of the mandate term.

"We have a firm position on the issue, our military forces will stay in Afghanistan until the end of the mission. We will certainly soon start planning their withdrawal from Afghanistan", "PIC" TV channel quotes Alasania.

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