Monday, September 23, 2013

As with other things, no one in government knows

My wife said the insurance company announced individual employee health rates will double, in order for the company to ensure it has enough money to cover whatever comes up when Affordable Health Care gets to full steam. My wife’s company right now pays 80 percent of each employee’s individual health care and, under the new law, may not lower that percentage.

Meanwhile, the Arkansas Insurance Department says rates using federal dollars are “as much as 25 percent less than what had been initially requested.”

“State officials have said they expect about 500,000 people to sign up for coverage in the exchange. About half of them will be covered under a plan to use federal Medicaid dollars to purchase private insurance for private workers.”

Maybe this isn’t an apples and apples comparison, but if company’s rates are expected to double, while private insurance companies expect federal dollars to pay for a quarter million people in the state … Where is the incentive not to drop everybody into the Federal pot?

Nancy Pelosi was wrong when she said, “We need to pass (the act) so you will know what is in it.” Passage of Affordable Health Care did not let the citizenry know what was in it; implementation is the only way of finding out what the act does.

Sort of like being on the gallows and the hangman says, “I’m pretty sure the rope will hold, but we won’t know until we drop you.”

If it doesn’t hold, they’ll just buy another rope and try again.

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