Sunday, September 22, 2013

Just stop with the doing of stuff

“We are so short of real discontents nowadays, we have to make problems up. There aren’t any hungry children. There aren’t any people dying because they can’t afford an operation. There aren’t any Joad families on the road desperately seeking work and homes. There aren’t any workers being exploited by unscrupulous bosses or tenants being evicted by unscrupulous landlords. Nobody’s being lynched or denied due process or forced by poverty to give up a child for adoption. I wouldn’t say nobody’s poor anymore, but there is no longer what the Victorians called a “deserving poor.” To be in dire straits nowadays, you have to be really, really feckless.”


(War Story: WW2, an American officer and a British officer working on invasion plans, the Britisher says, “You Americans think you have an answer for everything.” American: “Well, yeah.” We do have an answer for everything, but possession doesn’t mean we need to use the answer. Government has an answer for every-thing. You don’t even have to ask.)

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