Friday, September 27, 2013

One of the stupidest things ever; hands down

Two girls in Massachusetts find a mercury thermometer. They break it. Mom calls somebody – the story isn’t clear. HAZMAT shows up, full gear, locked and loaded. Mom is looking at a possible $4,000 bill.

I remember playing with liquid mercury from broken thermometers two times, maybe three. It was neat, because you cannot pick it up with your fingers, and it runs back together (like a couple of Terminator characters). Eventually we got tired and swept it up and put it in the trash. Of course, none of us had peanut allergy or diagnosed ADHD or autism.

EPA says you need this stuff to clean up a small mercury spill:

1. 4-5 ziplock-type bags
2. trash bags (2 to 6 mils thick)
3. rubber, nitrile or latex gloves
4. paper towels
5. cardboard or squeegee
6. eyedropper
7. duct tape, or shaving cream and small paint brush
8. flashlight
9. powdered sulfur (optional)">

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