Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Monday’s mail also brought …

… a recommendation that my mother-in-law Mrs. R. subscribe to the Mayo Clinic Health Letter, 11 issues for “just $1.97 a copy.”

I wanted to return the letter in the postage-paid envelope, with this notation: “Received request mailed to Mr. R. I am informing you the true addressee is an 87-year-old woman, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and in an assisted living facility. Therefore, your newsletter ain’t going to do her a heck of a lot of good.”

Those people who want someone else’s money just shotgun these things. There is no research for accuracy, no looking to see if an addressee is a man or a woman.

Those people who want money don’t care about truth or accuracy, only about getting more money.

I intended writing the above snarky note, and then checked the return address: a subscription service center in Big Sandy, Texas. Big Sandy is northwest of Longview and has a population of around 1,300.

I’m pretty sure Mayo Clinic doesn’t have an office there.

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