Monday, September 30, 2013

Dealing with doofuses

Or, the rest of the world goes, “Wha …?”

Twenty-seven years ago, President Regan’s national security advisor Robert McFarlane went to Iran. McFarlane bore a cake shaped like a key, a symbol of opening new relations.

Charles Krauthammer mentions McFarlane and the cake in his column regarding U.S. State Department’s continuing search for an “Iranian moderate.” Iran’s present president, Hassan Rouhani, has been so blessed by big time American press.

In his ability to use the American press, Rouhani is like one of the new Russians who appeared after Brezhnev died, a man who knows how to play the “I’m like you” card. Except he isn’t. Rouhani is a leader who can follow suit; he saw Putin get away with bitch-slapping Obama, and he saw Assad laughing when the slap landed. Now, he figures it’s his time.

As for the cake, when things went bad, it would have been easier to swallow than Obama’s “Reset”button.

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