Thursday, November 14, 2013

End the hate and violence ... and stuff

Here is the Drudge headline: ‘Football tackle kills high school player’

Here is the link headline and three paragraphs: ‘12 News at 10: Arizona prep football player dies after collapsing on field’

“A high school football player died Monday night at a Phoenix hospital, days after he suffered a blow to the head during a game.”

“Midway through the fourth quarter, Youvella caught a pass followed by what officials said appeared to be a typical football tackle. On the way down, the back of Youvella’s head hit the ground hard.
“Witnesses said Youvella got right back to his feet and lined up for two more plays before collapsing on the field.”

(Everybody and his brother are after football right now, since the gridiron game is legalized bullying and gang violence by carnivores, totally not an endeavor for civilized nations. And … And, Rush Limbaugh said several months ago, watch out because the wussies are coming after football. He might have said Liberals or Progressives, but wussies fits just as well. NOTE: I did not play football, nor do I watch televised games. Generally speaking, foes of football are dumba$$es who do not understand this country. Also generally speaking, professional football players are thugs and criminals who have gotten a pass on illegal activities all their lives.)

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