Tuesday, November 19, 2013

To Americans on House Hunters International going to Nicaragua …

‘Marxist Sandinista Movement Could Maintain Permanent Control of Nicaragua’

‘New constitutional amendments could put dictator in place’

“The Marxist Sandinista movement is poised to assume lasting control of Nicaragua through constitutional amendments that would enshrine President Daniel Ortega as a dictator, experts say.”


(Who would ever have thought that a Marxist, elected president, would try to stay in office forever? In other countries, Marxist and Commie presidents always formed coalitions … What? They didn’t? They did away with the opposition? Surely not.

(Oh, well. With whatsisface dead in Venezuela, Danny Glover and Sean Penn now will have to lock arms with Ortega.

(The “experts” mentioned in the lead is a guy from Freedom House and “an expert on communist movements from the Cold War era.” Ortega’s hold on the presidency is job security for the “experts.”)

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