Friday, November 15, 2013

Florida HOA discriminates against disabled female veteran

My daughter is a disabled veteran. She built a house in Florida. The house borders a golf course. The builder – one of the most respected in that area – and the real estate agent said K could build a fence and put in a pool, as long as both were within home owner association guidelines.

K needs a fenced yard so her dogs can exercise. She needs a pool for physical therapy. She cannot walk long distances. Water exercises are good for her legs and were recommended by a therapist.

K sent plans for a fence to the HOA. The HOA was supposed to respond within 30 days. K got the response yesterday, 45 days after submission.

The HOA denied K’s request for a fence, stating fences are not allowed in back yards that border the golf course. Other houses near K’s have fences that border the course.

With its letter of refusal, the HOA sent a page it said was from the contract K signed. K had not seen that page, nor had her builder or her real estate agent.

This morning while K was outside with her dogs, a black car pulled up to the stop sign nearby and did not move for more than 15 minutes. When the car did move, it parked next to K’s sidewalk and remained there for at least another 15 minutes.

I told K to call the police and tell them about the black car. Her neighbor across the street is a police officer. I told her to tell him about the car. I also told her to carry her coach gun when she goes out with the dogs. K has a concealed carry permit. I told her to carry her pistol when she goes out with the dogs.

My wife and I both said she should get a lawyer. My wife said not to have a lawyer send a letter to the HOA, but to go in full bore – discrimination against a disabled veteran, harassment, duplicity or fraud with the non-contract paper and at least $500,000 for physical and emotional damages.

With that groundwork done, K should then contact a TV station and tell a reporter of the HOA’s discrimination against a disabled, female veteran. Reporters love that kind of story.

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