Thursday, November 14, 2013

Stupida$$ Huff writer must be a Yankee know-it-all

Oh, the horror!

Some landowners in Austin, Texas, are drilling wells on their own land so they can keep grass alive and green! Call out the water Gestapo! Arrest those people!

Matt Hickman blogs at Huffington Post: “A growing number of pristine lawn-obsessed residents in drought-stricken Austin have taken to drilling private wells so that they can irrigate to their heart's content while dodging the city's strict but much needed public water restrictions.”


Mr. Hickman works for Mother Nature Network, and as his bio admits: “A graduate of the New School’s MFA Creative Writing program, Matt Hickman cut his editorial teeth as a contributing writer covering design at CITY magazine.”

Not only is Mr. Hickman a smarta$$ Yankee know-it-all, he also is a Progressive Liberal who doesn’t see why some people with money and land should spend their own money to drill water wells on their own land.

It is so wrong, some people having more than others – more land, more water, more green grass.

Everyone should suffer equally. If I don’t have green grass, no one should have green grass.

And, Mr.Hickman might have checked on where the city of Austin gets its water. The source is not water wells.

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