Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Gun control stories shoot down Sturmgeshutz searches

I am reading Battleground Prussia by Prit Buttar. The book covers areas and battles generally disregarded by American and British writers. Armored vehicles used included T34/85 and JS1 and JS2 by the Red Army, PzIV, PzV, PzVI and assault guns by the German army. I decided to refamiliarize my mind with types of assault guns, and searched on I got screen after screen after screen of AK47 and AR15 "assault guns," recommended related results for “assault gun ban,” “assault gun cases,” and “assault gun laws.”

How about Yahoo. Same thing. In fact, Yahoo search brought the same sites as Goodsearch.

I decided to try search. Viola! (After a fashion.) Main topics still concerned AK and AR “assault guns,” but duckduckgo at least had access to “armored warfare,” and under “more related topics,” Sturmgeshutz and “assault guns.”

So, a big hoo-wa for duckduckgo.

156 photographs here:

Also while searching, I found a picture of a grenade launcher on K98 Mauser.

(I don't do Google search since Google announced with pride its backing of homosexual marriages.)

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