Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mike Huckabee is a liar, a charlatan and a thief

Huckabee is a former governor of Arkansas and has a talk program on Fox News. He also shills for Citizens United for American Sovereignty, a political lobbying group that steals money from elderly Americans.

My wife and I have been getting my mother-in-law’s mail since April, when Mrs. R. agreed to change her mailing address. She had emptied her checking account of more than $23,000 to so-called “conservative” and “non-profit” lobbying organizations.

Citizens United is one of those organizations, and Huckabee is one of the thieves.

Since April, Citizens United has sent at least 25 letters to Mrs. R. in envelopes with Huckabee’s smiling face in the return address corner and a supposed hand-written message across the front: “What you as a conservative do in the next 3 days is absolutely critical.”

Each “critical” letter has the same message (in addition to an appeal for money): “I need your help within the next 3 days to get the United Nations out of the United States once and for all.” Also in the envelope is a “Defund the United Nations Petition,” which, Huckabee alleges, will be delivered “to Congress.”

You have to wonder how many three-day petitions can be delivered to Congress in an eight-month period?

How about none?

When stealing retirement money from elderly Americans, Huckabee, Citizens United and other lobbyists bank on forgetfulness and damage done by dementia and old age.

Thieves such as Huckabee count on elderly Americans not remembering the last check sent to Citizens United, or the check before the last one, or the one before that.

The thieves count on a hammered message seeming new each time an elderly American reads the letter.

My mother-in-law did exactly as Huckabee and other thieves hoped she would. According to bank records, Mrs. R. sent at least two checks on the same day to the same organization. From another organization, she received three letters of appreciation in one envelope.

This thievery has to stop.

The lobbyist thieves hide behind message and non-profit status. Laws governing non-profit political organizations should be changed. “Must be changed” is a ridiculous argument, since too many elected, law-making federal senators and representatives use the same thieving and fund-raising organizations.

The thieves should be hung out to dry, or better yet, just hung out.

There is a special place in Hell for those who harm children and cheat the elderly. These thieves should find that place soon.

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