Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Anybody surprised the guy at the top wants to keep his job?

Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Micheal P. Barrett says lesser-paid Marines will be better Marines. Senior NCOs in other services say, “Well, we don’t agree 100 percent, but Congress needs to get on the ball and cut stuff.”

Those guys got to their top jobs because they play the game. “Yes, Sir. Absolutely, Sir” to someone’s face and “Stupid bastard” when no one is listening.


Congress will wind up cutting pay and benefits and raising TRICARE costs, and when the complaints start piling up will say: "But that’s what your senior NCOs said you wanted!”

SGM responds after Marines ask, “What the hell you talking about?”

His words were “misreported.”

"Recent reporting of my testimony may have left you with a mistaken impression that I don't care about your quality of life and that I support lower pay for service members. This is not true," Barrett wrote in the letter.


“Misreported?” Modern term for “Oh, s*it, I forgot there were reporters in the room.”

Great for morale, Sergeant Major, telling Congress “your” Marines will be better Marines if they’re not paid as much.

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