Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Stupid sign

Sign in a Kroger in North Little Rock, beside the store manager’s picture: “I am always here, but when I am not the individual in charge will be glad to help you with your problem.”

We’ll skip the “I am always here, but when I am not” part, since that is stupid on its own.

Let’s go right to “individual in charge.” Individual what? Dog? Rabbit? Head of lettuce? Bunch of carrots?

Oh! Individual person? (Assumption, but with a fair degree of accuracy, since it is not likely an individual dog or an individual head of lettuce could or would help with your problem.)

So why didn’t the manager state that when she is not at the store (even though she always is) “the person in charge” is, like, the store manager?

Who knows? Inept grammar, or going with the flow of TV news and police reports, maybe.

“Several individuals were robbed …”

“The alleged robber was described as a white male …” Male what?

Another Arrgghh!

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