Saturday, April 19, 2014

Involuntarily executed

A friend emailed she often checks, probably not too seriously, since she and her husband live and work in Dallas, and neither is likely to up and quit and move to another area or, goodness gracious no, to another state.

I checked the site and found its “news” rather liberal; sort of like reading Editor and Publisher or Quill, the latter published by the Society of Professional Journalists/Sigma Delta Chi, to which I once belonged but allowed my membership to go away because of SPJ’s bias against all things conservative.

I looked at jobs even though I will not apply for any, not even the ones in Wyoming, Montana and other places west.

The newspaper in Le Mars, Iowa, advertised for a reporter. I looked up Le Mars, because I did not know where it is. Now I do.

Wikipedia lists John Spenkelink as a notable person from Le Mars. Spenkelink, Wikipedia said, was the “first person involuntarily executed in America after the re-introduction of the death penalty.”

“Involuntarily executed.” How many voluntary executions do we have?

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