Monday, April 28, 2014

The dumbest thing since the last dumbest thing

On my wife’s Facebook page someone posted a picture of a man standing outside a Cracker Barrel, holding a sign saying Cracker Barrel is racist.

I asked my wife, “How is Cracker Barrel racist?” She handed me her Extremely Intelligent Phone and said, “Look it up.”

According to Google search, here is why Cracker Barrel is racist:

• A site said Cracker Barrel had “surrendered to homophobes and racists” by reinstating Duck Dynasty goods in the stores; and
• Cracker Barrel is a racist term because it refers to crackers; that is the appellation for redneck racists.

I laughed and laughed when reading the second one. What we have is a lack of education, people not knowing that in the days of general stores, customers often stood around a big wooden barrel of crackers, munching while discussing events of the day.

Laugh and laugh I did and then remembered Snapple changing its label because some dumba$$es said the picture of the Boston Tea Party was slave ships unloading chattel. Snapple explained the label, but dumba$$e$ do not understand facts. A DA on TV said, “I don’t care what they say, it reminds me of my enslaved ancestors, and that causes me pain.”

Well, Hell’s Bells, we can’t have anybody getting her feelings hurt, can we. Change the labels!

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