Thursday, April 10, 2014

Formula advertisement

A TV ad has a smiling woman talking about her obviously nice and smiling son, who does not eat breakfasts she prepares, said meal in the ad resembling bacon, eggs and a lump of brown. The boy, smiling and nice, pushes away the plate.

Not to worry, Mom says, smiling. She gives her smiling son a plastic bottle of some liquid stuff, which the boy smilingly drinks. That is all the boy needs, Mom says, for a full and nutritious meal. That night, she tucks the boy in bed, and Wow! – the blanket no longer covers his ankles and feet! The boy has grown six inches since that morning, when he got out of bed, before he refused the meal Mom cooked, before Mom offered pre-teen formula.

The ad is a Progressive’s Utopian dream – single mom, obedient son, an entire meal in a bottle, and the meal containing not one single animal cell. Pure vegan in a bottle. We can do away with cows and pigs, sheep and goats and every other animal butchered for human food, switch to soy milk or rice milk and pump in bunches of organic things.

What a perfect world! Well, except for the plastic bottle, and surely Progressives can work out that part.

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